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The Trail

There’s an urban trail that runs along the front of my house. You go one way and it’ll lead you to shops. You go the other way and the world disappears for a distance. I don’t use that trail when … Continue reading

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Netflix: The Ambitionless Person’s Crack

I usually start my Saturday (or Sunday) with good intentions, a list full of the things I want to accomplish. Wash and vacuum the car, catch up on my writing and reading, organize my books. Learn Spanish. Study JFK photographs … Continue reading

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17 Years Later…..

After almost 17 years in the same job I now have to look for a new job. Obama care. I went from 40 hours a week to 29. I was in that (willfully) oblivious world where I was happy at … Continue reading

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Lazy Ass Picture Thursday

So….it’s one of those days. You know the ones I’m talking about. Things start out great, there’s a little sassy “fuck you” in your walk and shit seems to be going good. And then a little door opens in your … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Ask Me For Directions

                  Because you’re not going to end up where you wanted to go.  Here’s a sample of me giving someone directions: Me: You know that gas station that’s not a gas station … Continue reading

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Yeah, if you ask me how to get somewhere you’re never going to get there because I am incapable of giving directions. At the library when a patron asks where the bathroom is I take them there out of fear … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Just Shit and Then Get On With Your Life

I was in the library’s lobby the other day talking to a co-worker.  We both smiled and greeted patrons and tried to avoid making eye contact with the crazy people who come into the library.  As my co-worker and I … Continue reading

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Toilets: They Take Your Shit All Day

I’m kind of glad toilets can’t talk or judge. Wait a minute. This picture is showing a toilet that looks like it’s being judgmental. Should I buy my toilet some flowers the next time I have to wreck it or … Continue reading

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Cranky Pants

You know those mornings that start off great? I don’t mean you roll out of bed with little birds warbling joyous songs or you feel elated to be alive. I’m talking about those mornings where you’re glad to go to … Continue reading

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