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Lazy Ass Picture Thursday

When I gossip about some shit head at work and that shit head happens to walk by I’m going to start saying “….and it was two tarantulas and a doorknob.” The right thing to do would be not gossiping but … Continue reading

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How May I Help You?

I think this dog might have been more helpful on the Help Desk than I was today. I bet he was allowed to get up and show people where things are instead of pointing randomly into a dark corner and … Continue reading

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Help Desk Wednesday

Somebody at the library had an idea that has good intentions but is so horribly stupid that I decided to write about it.  The library now has a Help Desk in the lobby.  A good idea.  In theory.  It’s a … Continue reading

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Lazy Ass Picture Thursday

I have had those days that aren’t bad but they’re still slightly off. I went through a lot of “The fuck was that” today. It was my first day back at work after a little vacation. I miss sitting in … Continue reading

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A Movie, an Almost Death, 2 Melted Snickers and Me Hiding in the Bathroom All Night

When I was in the fifth grade I was in love with Brian Gadbois.  All the kids called him Gay Boy because kids don’t know shit about French names.  Even though I knew how to pronounce his name I still … Continue reading

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First Kisses

A lot of people remember their first kiss and can recall it with such vivid detail that it might have happened five minutes ago. Some of us try to repress our first kiss and then either spend the rest of … Continue reading

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Sister Mary Bleeding Skull of the Order of Torture of Small Children

I was never baptized in the Catholic church. The priest wouldn’t do it because my mom and dad were separated. I spent MANY years convinced I was going to hell because of this. Now I’m convinced I’m going to hell … Continue reading

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Mysteries of the Hoo-Ha

My 6 year old niece and my mom were walking through a park near our house when my niece gasped. “What’s wrong?” my mom asked. “My hoo-ha just farted!” “Yeah, sometimes that happens.”

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Don’t Mess With My Cake

I had a delicious pink cupcake at work today. Somebody got a little too close while I was eating it. I saw this picture and thought maybe this baby and I share the same thought on people trying to steal … Continue reading

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The Big Talker

This isn’t a real post. I just like this picture. I have been this cat, especially when the big boss is nearby and she may have heard me say something about vaginas. I don’t know if I should be worried … Continue reading

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